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Harry Potter and the Half-Stumped Critics

By now few of our readers have eluded the fairy dust that has settled all over the world since Harry Potter first cast its spell. This summer Rowling seemed to have yet again bewitched entire populations, as young and old, rich and poor, college professors and elementary school kids all stormed the bookstores at midnight […]

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Freedom From People of Faith

They call themselves “people of faith,” and they are waging war against a basic principle of American government: the separation of church and state. Complaining that our secular culture has improperly banished God from government, religious conservatives are working tirelessly to inject faith-based decision-making into America’s legal system. This conservative onslaught requires a bold defense […]

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9/11: How Our Teachers Help Us Forget

We have forgotten 9/11. Back then, four years ago, we all swore to “never forget” the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Everywhere you turned, American flags, waved proudly in the wind and bumper stickers declared our solidarity as a nation and reaffirming that pledge: “We won’t forget!” What has happened to that vow? The […]

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The Collectivist Club: Campus Clubs and the Need to Belong

Thousands of college freshmen across America wandered the tables of campus club fairs this fall. Many, staring at the sea of brightly colored posters, felt a pressure to find a niche–to adopt an identity by the act of joining a club, a religion, or a frat that advertises an identity ready-made for adoption. There is […]

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The Anti-Science Convergence

The anti-science right is on the march. Whether they’re opposing embryonic stem cell research, evolution, the effectiveness of condoms, therapeutic cloning, or Terri Schiavo’s medical diagnosis, conservatives are standing firmly against science whenever it conflicts with their vision and values. “You should allow the Word of God to drive your understanding of the evidence,” says […]


Studying Your Way to Ecstasy

This September, waves of students arrived on college campuses and readied themselves for the academic challenge ahead. Armed with lists, schedules, planners, and budgets, they sought out classes, classmates, bookstores, dorm rooms, financial aid offices. There it was, that energetic, refreshing, busy to-and-fro of individual students carefully figuring out and enacting their plans of action […]