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Ending the Debt Draft: Don Watkins Speaks out about the Welfare State’s Burden on Young People

The Undercurrent is sponsoring a debate between Watkins and Howard Schweber (of the University of Wisconsin and The Huffington Post) on the topic “Is the welfare state just?” on April 1st. Visit the site above or www.itsyourlifeownit.org for more information on how to watch the debate live online.

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Is the Welfare State Just?: Howard Schweber says Yes, It is Fundamental to a Democratic Society

TU sat down with Howard Schweber to learn more about his views on the justice of the welfare state.

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Announcing TU’s Spring 2014 Campaign Event! A Debate entitled, “Is the Welfare State Just?”

Best-selling author and Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, Don Watkins, will debate UW-Madison political scientist, Howard Schweber, on the morality of the welfare state.

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How Free Education Produces Undisciplined Minds

There have always been lazy students and unreflective parents, but there have not always been government standards and government money for education that provide perverse incentives that encourage consumers not to think.

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We Shouldn’t “Give Back” What We Earned

The reason any individual deserves success is because of the simple fact that that individual uses his mind to produce or achieve something valuable, whether it’s a skyscraper, an iPhone or a fast food order. That individual earned that success because he transformed an idea in his mind into a reality.

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The Conservative War on Sex

The primary purpose of sex is not procreation—sex is an end in itself. . . . We are not mere animals, and it’s absurd to treat our sex lives as if we were.

Is America Still the Land of Opportunity?

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Is America Still the Land of Opportunity?

Writing in the New York Times, Thomas Friedman applauds a recent event honoring the finalists of Intel’s national science talent search, a contest that recognizes promising American high school science students. Friedman notes the high number of finalists of Chinese and Indian descent and reminds us that it’s our willingness to welcome immigrants that allows […]

The Republican Party’s Identity Crisis

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The Republican Party’s Identity Crisis

In the aftermath of the substantial Democratic victory in last November’s election, Republicans nationwide are reported to be doing a great deal of “soul searching.” Indeed they should. After all, times are not looking good for the Republican Party. Former President Bush left office with record-low support, and both houses of Congress, along with the […]