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The TU/STRIVE Board Extends its Gratitude to Margaret Malewski

With deep gratitude for her contributions, the Board of Directors of The Undercurrent and STRIVE announces the departure of CEO Margaret Malewski.

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Announcing TU’s Student Leader Program

The Undercurrent is recruiting 10 ambitious students to become the founding leaders of The Undercurrent Student Clubs network.

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A New Team and a New Vision for The Undercurrent

We’re sorry about the long radio silence. There are a lot of exciting developments at The Undercurrent, and we’re eager to fill you in!

The New Edition of The Undercurrent Magazine is Available to Order!

The newest edition of The Undercurrent Magazine is now available to order, and will arrive on your doorstep in the middle of October! Place your order below, or e-mail your name, address, and the number of copies you’d like to contact@the-undercurrent.com. If you would like to distribute copies but cannot afford to do so, please let us know. We may […]

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Free Books by Ayn Rand Available to Students

Because her philosophy inspires our articles, we wholeheartedly recommend our readers take advantage of this offer of free books by Ayn Rand.

Introducing This Issue

Perhaps more so today than in recent memory, many people are acutely aware of the difficult challenges we face both as individuals and as a nation. This somber reality is impossible to ignore: millions of people can’t find jobs, thousands of companies encounter obstacles to expansion and can’t afford to hire, energy prices steadily rise, […]

Rhodes Scholars take the Road to Wall Street

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Rhodes Scholars take the Road to Wall Street

Elliot Gerson, secretary of the Rhodes trust, points to an interesting trend: In the past thirty or so years, Rhodes Scholars have disproportionately chosen to go into Wall Street careers. He writes: “Only three American Rhodes scholars in the 1970s (out of 320) went directly into business from Oxford; by the late 1980s the number […]

Staff Editorial: Fall 2009

Ayn Rand called her philosophy Objectivism because of the central importance she placed on the concept of objectivity. To be objective, she held, means to consciously commit oneself to seeking the facts as one’s only standard of truth. Being objective does not mean being omniscient—it does not mean one is always correct in one’s understanding. […]

Is Health Care a Right? Answer The Question, Congressmen!

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Is Health Care a Right? Answer The Question, Congressmen!

Of the many specials on health care that have been taking place these past few weeks, this recent PJTV forum should be singularly commended for daring to ask of our political leaders the one question upon which the whole concept of government health care rests: Is health care a right? This crucial question has been […]

Staff Editorial: Special Summer Edition

The purpose of The Undercurrent’s summer issue is to provide those attending Tea Parties with a deeper moral perspective on the government’s increasing attack on individual freedom. It is our belief that the nascent Tea Party movement, if it is to achieve enduring change, must advocate change in terms of fundamentals. You will see our […]

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