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Objectivism in the Culture: A Businessman Stands for Principle and Property Rights: An Interview with John Allison

According to Objectivism, the principle of property rights is a cornerstone of a free society. The right to property is the recognition that human life requires material goods, and that an individual has ownership over the goods he produces. The principle of property, once accepted ubiquitously in this country, has been under attack for over […]


Don’t Be Evil, Google

In launching Google.cn on January 25th, the beloved search engine caved in to the Chinese government’s demand that it block politically “sensitive” content from searches. Now, if a Chinese web surfer wants to learn, for instance, about the 1989 massacre at Tiananmen Square, he will find 13,600 pages of government-sanctioned myths–with 1,566,400 pages, those containing […]

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World Peace Requires World Freedom

If your college campus is anything like mine, there are probably at least a few posters around declaring the evils of war and exhorting everyone to work for “world peace.” It’s not a new call. For centuries, people have worked and prayed for world peace, but it hasn’t happened yet. Why has this goal never […]

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The Backward Strategy of Democracy

This January, the Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas, won the Palestinian elections by a landslide. It now effectively controls Parliament. President Bush responded to the election by complimenting the democratic process. “You see,” he said, in a line quoted by Time Online, “When you give people the vote, give them the chance to express themselves at […]

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The Roots of the Hamas Victory

Last January, Hamas won an overwhelming majority in parliamentary elections for the Palestinian Authority. The victory of this terrorist organization, whose explicit goal is to wipe Israel off the map, has shocked the world. Why are the leaders of the Western world so surprised by this development? Why did Hamas win, despite the predictions of […]

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In The Name of Justice and the Right to Speak

We at The Undercurrent are writing in defense of the freedom of speech. The violent response to the Jyllands-Posten Mohammad cartoons has placed that freedom under attack. The American media has surrendered to the pressure. We will not. On this special edition flyer, we have printed a rendition of one of the cartoons that Muslims […]

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The Twilight of Freedom of Speech

To fathom our government’s contemptible treatment of a handful of unbowed journalists, you must see the roots of that treatment in the moral ideal Christianity bequeathed the West. In the face of the intimidation and murder of European authors, film makers and politicians by Islamic militants, a few European newspapers have the courage to defend […]

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