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The Moral Case for Capitalism

It is widely acknowledged that capitalist countries are the most successful at creating wealth and raising their citizens’ overall standard of living. People who live in such countries enjoy access to bigger homes, better-trained doctors, more advanced technology, and higher paying jobs. By contrast, those living under collectivist systems like the European welfare states often […]

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The Nature of Free Speech: An Interview with Dr. Onkar Ghate

With a little over a year having passed since the Danish cartoon controversy, free speech remains a central issue on college and university campuses. University administrations seem increasingly unable to respond to the popular slogan that “hate speech is not free speech.” What does the term “hate speech” mean? How does it relate to free […]

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University Mission Statements: False Promises or True Commitments?

Colleges and universities are identified as institutions committed to the pursuit of knowledge and the promotion of free speech. A university trains its students to think critically and encourages active debate among them. It is a place where students can forge their own conclusions and voice their individual viewpoints without fear of censure or reprisal. […]

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In Defense of Income Inequality

The issue of income inequality reveals one of the ugliest aspects of today’s culture. The ugliness stems not from the existence of income inequality–but from the motives of those who denounce it. Income inequality used to be a rabble-rousing issue of the left. Now it is being raised by mainstream figures, from the head of […]