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Hope Your Medical Emergency Can Wait

President-elect Barack Obama has said he favors a single-payer health care system such as the one Canada has now. But the inefficiency of the single-payer system often leaves Canadians facing life-threatening waits for care. Lindsay McCreith from Ontario is one example. When his doctor told him he might have a brain tumor, McCreith paid for […]

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Measure Q and the Lending Crisis in Education

The city of Los Angeles passed a $7 billion bond measure to refurbish public schools on Election Day. “Measure Q,” the fifth education-related bond measure since 1997, will go towards renovating buildings and creating new preschools and adult education centers. Figures on LA’s total per pupil revenue from local, state, and federal government’s are difficult […]

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CEO Pay: Money Well Spent

CEOs, some declare, make too much money. The basic premise of this claim is that the ‘excessive’ pay is undeserved–-that executives take home runaway paychecks regardless of performance. Others say that no matter how well a CEO performs, no one is worth millions of dollars. They point to the gulf between what a CEO earns […]

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The Latest Diplomatic Tactic: Make-Believe

North Korea has a long history of being a malevolent nation. The communist dictatorship was first placed on the State Department’s list of terrorist-supporting nations in 1987, after it bombed a South Korean jetliner– an attack that followed years of North Korean abductions of Japanese citizens. But now, North Korea has been granted its most […]

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Give Peace a Chance?

The New York Times recently released a video about a group of Jewish and Arab teenagers in Jerusalem who have come together to sing, rather than to fight. Aaron Shneyer, the organizer of this Arab/Jewish band, sombrely explains his assessment of the current situation: “Here’s everyone sharing the city [Jerusalem], but they can’t talk to […]

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Bailout Crack

In a knee-jerk reaction to panic and fear over the current financial crisis, the government issued a $700 billion dollar bailout bill last week. Rather than considering the cause of the “toxic loans” at the heart of this crisis, Congress decided that it had to immediately do something—anything. What politicians fail to realize, however, is […]

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Could I Get a Hand?

I looked up at the bicycle box, a little perturbed. It sat high above my head on a shelf that I could reach only with my arm completely outstretched. I yanked on the corner; I could tell it weighed about 50 pounds. Had it been a little lower, I could have dragged it out for […]

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What Laissez-Faire?

In response to the economic crisis now spilling over into the European markets, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for an end to laissez-faire and an increase of government control over the financial markets. “Laissez-faire is finished, the all-powerful market that is always right, that’s finished,” Sarkozy said in a widely anticipated speech, his first in […]

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Kohl Mobile: LOL

Did you know that the price of text messaging has increased by an astonishing 100 percent over the last three years? The four major telecommunication companies, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, have all doubled their prices for text messages not included in a calling plan. For a population that sends 2.5 billion messages a […]

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American Apathy Towards “the New Normal”

Seven years ago, after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and President Bush’s subsequent declaration of war on “terror”, many argued that the world had changed forever. A “new normal” had arrived, in which Americans could no longer live in blithe ignorance to the rest of the world. A violent faction sought their […]

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