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The Helpless French Mind

A recent news article describes a new law in France which, if passed, will make it illegal to promote “extreme thinness.” This ban outlaws images of excessively skinny models in the media and on websites that incite people to severely restrict the amount they eat. The purpose of this law is to protect individuals, particularly […]

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Jimmy Carter Embraces Terrorism

Former President Jimmy Carter, already famous for surrendering America’s interests to militant Islamists during the Iran Hostage Crisis in the late 70’s, is yet again betraying America. Last week, Carter met with Nasser Shaer, a senior Hamas politician, under the pretense of promoting “peace” in the region. Hamas, internationally recognized as a terrorist organization, has […]


A Tale of Two Economists

The New York Times recently published an op-ed by Paul Krugman on McCain’s healthcare plan. Krugman, an economics professor at Princeton University, describes what he sees as the ‘voodoo’ economics of healthcare: “…the foolish claim, refuted by all available evidence, that the magic of the marketplace can produce cheap health care for everyone.” The alternative, […]


Consumer Protection in a Free Market

An article in the latest issue of the Undercurrent examines the cultural vilification of Big Pharma. The piece argues that pharmaceutical companies deserve their profits because they invest a tremendous amount of time and energy researching and developing their products. In this post, we look at the oft-made criticism that the only reason pharmaceutical companies […]

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Girls Gone Mild

An article in the New York Times titled “Students of Virginity” reports on the surprising number of “abstinence clubs” popping up on university campuses all over the country. These clubs try to discourage students from engaging in pre-marital sex. According to the article, a growing number of students that have been exposed to similar clubs […]

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Bad Science for Worse Philosophy: The “Ruthlessness” Gene

Hebrew University recently completed a study on the genetic basis for “ruthlessness,” and it’s getting some media coverage.Nature included it on their news page, with the flattering headline, “Ruthlessness gene discovered.”The story even made it to the Drudge Report for a day or two, assuring wide-spread attention. All of this sensational coverage, for a study […]

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The Profit Motive on Trial: A Look at the Famous Raymond Dirks Insider Trading Case

An article in the latest edition of the Undercurrent analyzes the moral arguments underlying insider trading laws. In this post, we recount a specific insider trading case from the early 1980s that revealed that it is indeed the profit motive that insider trading laws exist to penalize. Here’s the story: Ron Secrist, an employee at […]

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Praise Big Pharma

If you are sick, there is no better place and time to live than America in the 21st century. The past 50 years have witnessed an explosion of medical innovation in the West. Drugs have been developed to lower cholesterol, fight AIDS, and altogether eradicate some diseases. Pharmaceutical companies have invested, and are investing, tens […]

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Inside Insider Trading

A scientist working for a pharmaceutical company learns that after decades of research and development, she has succeeded in creating a drug that fights cancer. She wants to buy as much stock in her company as she can afford, knowing that her efforts will cause the stock price to sky-rocket. She wants to take full […]


Defining Life: The Moral Case for Stem Cell Research

In a recent political move, Republican Presidential candidate John McCain voiced his opposition to embryonic stem cell research (ESC). Yet, even as the controversy rages on, the real reasons for opposition to embryonic stem cell research are increasingly obscured. Stem cells are, in simplest terms, the basic cells that replicate and change into the various […]

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