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Defending Property Rights—It’s No Day at the Beach

Thirty years ago, George and Sharlee McNamee purchased a beachfront house in California, hoping to create a home in which to spend their retirement. Over the years, the McNamee’s made various improvements to their beach property, installing picnic tables for entertaining and a shade to allow Mr. McNamee protection from a repeated bout with deadly […]


Hell on Earth and Good Will Toward Men

President-elect Barack Obama has announced his intention to present a “major” speech in the capital of a Muslim country soon after his inauguration. Obama says this is an opportunity to repair the damage done to America’s global reputation in the past eight years, especially in the Muslim world. According to Yahoo! News, Obama intends to […]

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Condemned By Democracy

Recently in Afghanistan a young man–Parwez Kambakhsh–was arrested, imprisoned, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death. After the death penalty was announced, demonstrations were held in the streets applauding the verdict and prominent clerics declared that he deserved execution. Kambakhsh was condemned for blasphemy—the crime of holding an idea—against Islam in the Islamic Republic of […]

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Welcome to the Post-Danish-Cartoons World

The BBC News reports that, on the eve of its long-anticipated release, Sony recalled its latest video game, LittleBigPlanet, from stores worldwide. The problem? After it had been distributed, one of the game’s music tracks was discovered to contain a few lyrical verses that certain consumers may have found offensive. In today’s world of complex […]

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