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John Allison’s Unconventional Wisdom about the Financial Crisis

So much for the assertion that the financial crisis was caused by the lack of regulations and government oversight. The free market isn’t to blame, since there is no free market to blame. The “fingerprints” of the real culprit—the government—are all over the place.

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Binders Full of Women: The Philosophy Breaking the Business Ladder

The idea that women as a class suffer from discrimination fails to see women as individuals, just as Romney’s comments crudely characterized individual women as nothing but names in a binder.

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Free Minds and Free Markets: An Interview with Don Watkins

WATKINS: The basic difference between our book and most political books is that ours is philosophic. We try to get underneath today’s superficial debates, and tackle the important issues that will determine the direction of this country.

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Insulting Islam is Not “Asking For It”

Since the eleventh anniversary of September 11th, violence has erupted all over the Arab world, supposedly in response to a video on YouTube lampooning the prophet Muhammad. Muslims angered by the video rioted in front of United States embassies in many countries, and an American ambassador was murdered in an attack on the U.S. embassy […]

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“Where Agriculture Meets Technology!” and Industry Meets Suspicion

Examples like the controversy over the data centers show that the deeper motive of the green movement is not the continuation of human progress and innovation, but the belief that large successes, big businesses, and massive industry warrant universal suspicion. Progress is their problem, not damage to the human environment.

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The Liberal Arts: Why Am I Here Again?

Rather than merely casting blame upon universities for poorly structured humanities programs, we ought to recognize that the full cause of the problem is also due to students aimlessly doing as they have been told.

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Critics of Romney’s Private Equity Work are Morally Biased

The White House also pushed GM into closing down many dealerships as a way of cutting costs. Yet critics of Romney do not attack Obama for “downsizing.” There is a double standard deeper than politics at play here.

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Ayn Rand: Decide for Yourself

In evaluating Ayn Rand, as with any subject, it is important for us to make our own decisions regarding the truth of her philosophy. Pick up one of her novels or essays and draw your own conclusions.

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In Defense of Outsourcing: Hiring Abroad is Both Economically Practical and Morally Upright

You have the right to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn in order to lower your living costs. For the same reason, businessmen have the right to move their manufacturing from America to China to lower their production costs.

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We Shouldn’t “Give Back” What We Earned

The reason any individual deserves success is because of the simple fact that that individual uses his mind to produce or achieve something valuable, whether it’s a skyscraper, an iPhone or a fast food order. That individual earned that success because he transformed an idea in his mind into a reality.

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