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The Conservative War on Sex

The primary purpose of sex is not procreation—sex is an end in itself. . . . We are not mere animals, and it’s absurd to treat our sex lives as if we were.

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Hate Crimes Legislation Unmasks Blind Justice

Of course we should all be opposed to racial prejudice, especially to crimes committed on the basis of such prejudice. But are such crimes worse than wrongdoings committed from some other malicious motive?

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All Entrepreneurs are “Social” Entrepreneurs

One cannot celebrate enough the value that profit-seeking entrepreneurs contribute to our lives. The most important “social entrepreneurs”—the problem solvers who lift up society—are the profit-makers, not the profit-givers.

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Campus Media Response: Israel’s Answer to the Iranian Threat: Consensus?

Each Israeli citizen has the right to live a life free from abductions, suicide bombers, rocket attacks, and a nuclear-armed enemy hell-bent on their annihilation. This should not be open to the decision of a consensus.

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Kira Peikoff’s Living Proof Speaks To Today’s Controversy on Stem Cell Research

There is no evidence for the existence of souls in embryos. Stem cell research ought to be commended not condemned, and more importantly, should never forbidden by law.

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Campus Media Response: Are We Learning the Right Lesson about Inequality?

[It is a] contradiction [to say] that while it’s wrong for the government to redistribute wealth from poor to rich, it’s quite okay to do so in the opposite direction, through excessive taxation to fund the welfare state.

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A Proper Response to Joseph Kony Requires Independent Judgment, not Groupthink

Before people criticize those who support Kony 2012 in response to social pressure, they should ask themselves if they adhere to their own moral principles for similar reasons.

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Affirmative Action: A Solution to Racism—Or Its Symptom?

  Racism was and is a part of American culture. Most of us have probably heard or even said a racist quip or a derogatory comment on the street, in the locker room or at the water cooler. “Oh, he’s black, he must have voted for Obama.” “You know what they say, white men can’t […]


Campus Media Response: Nobody Deserves Egalitarianism

  Recently, Brian Shaud argued in Georgetown University’s The Hoya that a growing wealth gap in the United States is the cause of various social ills. At the root of his argument is his conception of the American dream, “that each citizen has a chance at material and personal success, independent of the condition of […]

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Campus Media Response: Do We Need Faith to Know Right from Wrong?

There are objective principles that constitute good living. Both faith and hedonism are opposed to reason; both disvalue the importance of deriving good and evil from the nature of reality itself.

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