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Ron Paul Lacks the Principles Needed to Defend Freedom

At first glance, the Ron Paul movement appears to be a step in the right direction for freedom. But does Paul really want, or understand, what a true move to freedom would entail?

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Fundamentally Adrift: Today’s Ideological Debates Require a Deeper Perspective

Only fundamental principles can provide an intellectual compass to guide our understanding of issues in a way that allows us to see the basic direction in which a given idea will take us.

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What Real Revolution Looks Like: Heroes Exemplifying New Moral Ideals Lead the Way to Freedom and Progress

It was not only fidelity to their stated ideals that made the leaders of successful revolutions great and their revolutions benevolent. The ideals themselves were admirable. There is something uniquely powerful about a revolution staged to defend the right of the individual to pursue happiness.


Campus Media Response: Don’t Be Content with Contentedness

Happiness neither requires conformity to social standards nor resigned contentedness, but rather a willingness to determine our own individual values and pursue them to the degree of our ability.

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Regulated to Death: Cap-and-Trade Suffocates a Life Well-lived

Never in human history has our existence been so clean, secure, and rich with possibility. The lifeblood of it all has been carbon-based energy. And it is precisely this energy that will be restricted by the stranglehold of cap-and-trade.

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Restore the Separation of State and School

When government involves itself in the production of knowledge, it curtails both our liberty to express our beliefs and our freedom to support institutions promoting what we believe.

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