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We’re Igniting the Objectivist Student Movement!

Watch the update video here! This October, The Undercurrent hosted the first-ever student conference on Objectivism. We’ve got big plans for 2015, and we’ve already gotten started!

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Last weekend, over 100 student leaders from across the country and internationally participated in a students-only weekend event dedicated to deepening their understanding of Ayn Rand’s ideas.

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Protect the Right to Innovate: Free Uber and the Taxi Industry from Regulations

The only just and fair way to resolve this dilemma is to eliminate regulations on the traditional taxi industry and those on new ridesharing app companies.

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Deadline extended! Preview the Fall 2014 issue of TU Print!

The newest edition of The Undercurrent is now available to order, and will arrive on your doorstep at the end of October!

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We’re Now Taking Orders for the Fall 2014 Edition of The Undercurrent!

The newest edition of The Undercurrent is now available to order, and will arrive on your doorstep at the start of October!

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Permission Slips are Not Rights: How Hobby Lobby’s Victory Cheapens the Right to Personal Liberty

By carving out a special exception to the ACA’s contraceptive mandates for religious freedom, the Supreme Court treats religious liberty like a stand-alone permission slip for favored groups with favored beliefs.

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The Cause of the Adjunct Crisis: How a Research Focus is Destroying Higher Education

The “adjunct crisis” has not grown out of the so-called corporatization of the university. Instead, the crisis is largely a product of the very assumption which both the author of the article and universities across the nation have swallowed: that research is valuable as an end in itself.

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Don’t Blame the Victims in the Gaza War—Recognize Their Right to Self-Defense

As an individual who is the victim of aggression, you have the right to protect the value of your own precious individual life, even if it means opposing a whole collective mass of killers. The right to self-defense is an absolute individual right.

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“Check Your Privilege” Insults Your Intellectual Autonomy

We should reject racism and sexism because their most basic premises deny human intellectual autonomy. Both see individual human beings as slaves of their genetics and environment. The privilege checkers who say we cannot help but see the world through the filter of our privilege share this premise. It is the most crucial premise to check—and reject.

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Minimum Wage Jobs are Opportunities to be Thankful For

Current minimum wage jobs are the result of technology and innovation. Workers should be grateful that these companies have created these jobs and use them as opportunities to earn more than a minimum wage.

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