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Google Versus The Pope

In recent weeks, with the world’s eyes fixed on the deteriorating health of an ailing Pope, Google quietly offered users a God’s-eye view of Earth via its newest innovation–satellite imaging. The feature augments Google’s widely lauded mapping service. Detailed digital photographs allow users to scope out millions of locations around North America. The images give […]

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The Pharmaceutical Industry: In the Business of Saving Your Life

The way the media would have you see it, the pharmaceutical industry is made up of a bunch of greedy businesses trying to make a buck off of you and your ailing family members’ illnesses. And the truth is that they are trying to make a buck, but only by curing your sickness. Critics allege […]

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“Buy American” is UN-American

According to a recent poll, 80% of Americans think it their patriotic duty to give preference to American-made products. But “Buy American” is wholly un-American in both its economics and its philosophy. America’s distinction among all the nations of the world is that it enshrined political and economic freedom. Although we have departed greatly from […]