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Campus Media Response: Abortion, Wallpaper and the Right to Property

Campus Pro-Life returns The Gauntlet The University of Calgary Madam— The issue at stake is not the right to free speech, but rather, the right to property. Just as one can set the terms by which a guest can use one’s living room, the University of Calgary, as an independent institution, can set the terms […]

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Campus Media Response: “Sustainability,” The Unattainable Ideal

Going trayless and brainless, April 3rd, 2009 The Daily Princetonian Princeton University Sir— Your article questions the motives of “green” measures pursued by Princeton University which call for more intense sacrifices than are commonly accepted. You conclude that such initiatives “are designed not with the true interest of the environment in mind, but rather to […]

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Campus Media Response: Access to Water is not a Right

Thirsting After Sanity, March 26th, 2009 The Gauntlet The University of Calgary Sir— In your article you argue that by extension the right to life implies that humans have a right to water. This is a gross misunderstanding of what it means for an individual to have a right. The concept, properly understood, does not […]

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Campus Media Response: Hugo Chávez – Democracy At Work

Voting Democracy Away, February 13, 2009 The Harvard Crimson Harvard University Sir— Your vague hint at Venezuela’s “lack of durable democratic institutions” is striking considering the context. It is, after all, democracy that gave rise to the autocratic regime run by Hugo Chávez. The majority of Venezuelans were seduced by the promise of wealth supposedly […]

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Campus Media Response: Force May Avail Where a Prayer Fails

New Pro-Life Group Splits Off, February 12, 2009 Columbia Spectator Columbia University Madam— Within your article, “New Pro-Life Group Splits Off,” an anti-abortion advocate rightly acknowledges that “When people think pro-life, people immediately think politics”. The reason for this is because the “pro-life” movement is not attempting to promote a personal belief. Rather, it is […]


Campus Media Response: Should America’s Alliance with Israel be Debated?

Prof questions U.S.-Israel bond, February 3, 2009 The Eagle American University Sir— When a thug demands your wallet at the point of a gun you can either give him what he wants, run, or you can fight. You don’t debate. Force is the antitheses of rational discourse. Although Stephen Walt claims to want a more […]

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Campus Media Response: The Self-Censorship Epidemic on College Campuses

The recent cartoon controversy has tested America’s willingness to defend one of its constitutionally protected rights: the right to speak freely. In recent months, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published twelve cartoons depicting Mohammad and ridiculing the teachings of Islam. Islamic fundamentalists responded with violent protests, death threats, and demands for apology. In a valiant effort […]

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Campus Media Response: Religious Tolerance Blights Campus Culture

Religion is becoming a political issue in the culture at large. Abortion, stem-cell research, euthanasia, homosexuality, intelligent design–even the “war on terror”–each of these debates is linked to religious beliefs. With the conservatives strengthening ties to the Christian religion and a Supreme Court that has become predominately conservative, religion is maneuvering its way into a […]