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The Wild West

I want to elaborate some on a point I made to introduce my editorial: that there is no general cultural awareness, in intellectual circles or in the media, of the incredible technological advancement going on. I’m thinking specifically of the computer industry. Because of my day job, I follow technology news pretty closely, but I’m […]

Reshaping Nature

Every week there are technological breakthroughs and innovations in crucial fields of production, such as computers and medicine. But you’d never know it reading the headlines of most major news outlets. Even where productiveness is covered to some extent, for example, in technology news, new products and innovations are taken for granted as the given. […]

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The “Hate Crimes” Bandwagon

On January 14 of this year, the bodies of all four members of an Egyptian family were discovered dead in their New Jersey home. Until recent arrests in the case, it was widely believed that the murders were the work of Islamic militants. For example, Daniel Pipes noted certain similarities to executions performed “in the […]

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The Academic “Rights” Smokescreen

By now, no doubt, you’ve heard the story of Ward Churchill, the renegade University of Colorado professor who is under fire for his controversial remarks comparing certain victims of the 9/11 attacks to Nazis (for their role in the global financial system) and advocating more such attacks. Churchill’s comments, of course, were false and contemptible. […]