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Damning With Faint Praise

Criticizing Senator Obama’s pledge to meet with foreign dictators should he be elected President, President Bush said Thursday: What’s lost . . . by embracing a tyrant who puts his people in prison because of their political beliefs? What’s lost is, it’ll send the wrong message. It’ll send a discouraging message to those who wonder […]

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The Rational Mullahs?

In today’s Cato Daily Dispatch, the Cato Institute notes the recent news on Iran: “Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday that Iran’s determination to continue its nuclear program had brought major powers ‘to their knees,’” reports The Washington Post. “In a speech broadcast live on state television, Ahmadinejad repeated his assertion that Iran would ignore […]

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Saudi Government Outlaws Red for Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day in America. Weeks in advance, the shops were filled with red and white cards, teddy bears, chocolates, flowers, and all manner of light-hearted, lacy ways to say I love you. The day was an opportunity and a reminder to pause and appreciate the special someone in your life. It was also […]


Operation Iraqi Freedom: An Altruistic War

At the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention on August 22, President Bush spoke about the lessons of World War II, arguing that the U.S. occupation of Japan serves as a model for the current conflict in the Middle East. But the terrible state of the Iraq War makes it clear that he has not […]


Bombs, Not Ballots

In a January 10th speech, President Bush outlined his new plan to rescue Iraq from the bloody sectarian warfare that has gripped Baghdad since 2005. Bush’s plan calls for an additional 20,000 U.S. soldiers to be sent to Iraq to help quell the violence. His supporters are guardedly optimistic that the strategy can succeed. His […]

How To Fully Support Our Troops

Whatever their views of President Bush’s new “surge” of 20,000 soldiers, both liberals and conservatives continue to claim that they support our troops. Liberals say they support our troops by criticizing or opposing “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” which they claim has unnecessarily killed 3,000 soldiers. Conservatives say they support our troops by supporting the mission that […]

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The Religion of Peace

This September, in a speech at the University of Regensburg in Germany, Pope Benedict XVI quoted an ancient source that identified Muslims as violent. “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new,” wrote the 14th century Byzantine emperor quoted by the Pope, “and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as […]


The Military Doctrine of Altruism

A New York Times editorial recently described the military skills our soldiers will need, to do what our politicians are asking them to do (“Military Hones a New Strategy on Insurgency,” October 5, 2006). The new doctrine renounces overwhelming force, focuses on reacting to insurgent attacks rather than winning offensive battles, and has a goal […]

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The U.S.-Israeli Suicide Pact

The Iran-Hamas-Hezbollah axis was fully responsible for initiating the war on Israel, but the Islamists’ aggression was the logical product of U.S.-Israeli policy. The longstanding commitment of Israel and America to “diplomatic engagement” with Palestinians and Islamists–a euphemism for appeasement–is suicidal. For decades America has urged Israel to placate and surrender to our common enemy. […]

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Not All Constitutions Are Created Equal

The American Constitution established individual rights as the founding legal and moral basis of this country. The result was a nation whose inhabitants have lived and prospered magnificently, because they were left free to do so. Today President Bush has heralded the establishment of the Iraqi constitution on the grounds that it is a step […]

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