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Death to “Diplomacy” With Iran

European diplomats, who courted Iran in an attempt to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program, regret that “diplomacy” did not dissuade Iran from its plans. But this failure was foreseeable. That diplomatic effort was touted as a reasonable way to settle the dispute over Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program without any losers. By enticing Iran […]

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Domestic Security Secures our Demise

In recent months, Congress has raised concerns over the president’s use of warrantless wiretaps and his approval of a proposed take-over of major U.S. sea ports by a United Arab Emirates-owned company. In the case of warrantless wiretaps, the president is criticized for the excessive use of power. In the case of his permissive handling […]


The Moral Goodness of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima

On August 6, 1945 the American Air Force incinerated Hiroshima, Japan with an atomic bomb. On August 9, Nagasaki was obliterated. The fireballs killed some 175,000 people. They followed months of horror, when American airplanes firebombed civilians and reduced cities to rubble. Facing extermination, the Japanese surrendered unconditionally. The invasion of Japan was cancelled, and […]

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World Peace Requires World Freedom

If your college campus is anything like mine, there are probably at least a few posters around declaring the evils of war and exhorting everyone to work for “world peace.” It’s not a new call. For centuries, people have worked and prayed for world peace, but it hasn’t happened yet. Why has this goal never […]

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The Backward Strategy of Democracy

This January, the Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas, won the Palestinian elections by a landslide. It now effectively controls Parliament. President Bush responded to the election by complimenting the democratic process. “You see,” he said, in a line quoted by Time Online, “When you give people the vote, give them the chance to express themselves at […]

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The Roots of the Hamas Victory

Last January, Hamas won an overwhelming majority in parliamentary elections for the Palestinian Authority. The victory of this terrorist organization, whose explicit goal is to wipe Israel off the map, has shocked the world. Why are the leaders of the Western world so surprised by this development? Why did Hamas win, despite the predictions of […]

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9/11: How Our Teachers Help Us Forget

We have forgotten 9/11. Back then, four years ago, we all swore to “never forget” the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Everywhere you turned, American flags, waved proudly in the wind and bumper stickers declared our solidarity as a nation and reaffirming that pledge: “We won’t forget!” What has happened to that vow? The […]

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The Liberal Slant on the Liberal War

Any American who has glanced at a newspaper in the past two years knows that the liberals are unhappy about George W. Bush’s war in Iraq. Editorials continue to cite our failure to discover weapons of mass destruction, as well as the greater hostility and more advanced nuclear capabilities of Iran and North Korea, as […]

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