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High Crimes and Michael Phelps

Last week, a Wall Street Journal op-ed screamed “Arrest Michael Phelps!” and a sheriff in South Carolina threatened to prosecute the famed Olympic swimmer. Commentators across news and radio stations added their voices to the hysteria. The reason behind the calls for Mr. Phelps’s head? A photo that surfaced in a UK tabloid showing Mr. […]

Dictatorship in the Time of Cholera

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Dictatorship in the Time of Cholera

Since August, Zimbabwe has suffered from a cholera outbreak that to date has killed 3,000 people and infected nearly 60,000 more. In the Western world, cholera outbreaks are rare thanks to the implementation of proper sanitation standards, including water purification and sewage treatment. In fact, the last outbreak in the United States occurred over 100 […]

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By Government Fiat Alone

Ailing automaker Chrysler LLC has entered into an agreement with Italian carmaker Fiat SpA. The deal would involve an exchange of technology and access to distribution networks, giving Fiat a 35% stake in Chrysler without it having to pay a single euro. However, the deal will only become binding if the US government guarantees $3 […]

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Whole Foods, Partial Rights

In 2007, Whole Foods, the popular purveyor of natural foods, sought to expand its business by acquiring rival grocer Wild Oats. However, the Federal Trade Commission claimed that the merger would violate antitrust laws by creating a natural foods monopoly. Although federal judges approved the deal, the FTC won an appeal a year later, after […]

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Defending Property Rights—It’s No Day at the Beach

Thirty years ago, George and Sharlee McNamee purchased a beachfront house in California, hoping to create a home in which to spend their retirement. Over the years, the McNamee’s made various improvements to their beach property, installing picnic tables for entertaining and a shade to allow Mr. McNamee protection from a repeated bout with deadly […]

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Enforcing ‘Constructive Behavioral Change’

A group of college presidents has sparked debate by signing a petition urging the drinking age be lowered to 18, the legally recognized age of adulthood. They argue that “twenty-one is not working” because it has “not resulted in significant constructive behavioral change among our students.” Several groups are opposing this campaign, among them Mothers […]

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Uncle Sam Is Not a Nanny

The New York Times reports that in a recent speech, Randi Weingarten, the new President of the American Federation of Teachers, offered her “new vision for schools in the 21st century”. “[I]magine a federal law that promoted community schools — schools that serve the neediest children by bringing together under one roof all the services […]

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All Plants are Created Equal?

Put down that salad! Have you considered the dignity of the vegetables you’re about to crush into easily-digestible pieces? Have you no concern for their inherent worth as living beings? Have you made sure to carefully justify the moral necessity of harming those plants for your own ends? Those are the topics recently under serious […]

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