House Resolution 3200Across the country, people have been vehemently protesting Obama’s proposal for health care reform.  Thousands have gathered at town hall meetings to show their representatives that they oppose Congress’s plan to completely overhaul healthcare in America.  Representatives in favor of the current proposals insist that the protests are due to  “people  just getting information that’s flat wrong,” such as that care will be rationed, health saving accounts will be illegal, private insurance companies will be driven out of business by the public option, etc.

Dr. John Lewis, associate professor of political science at Duke University, has taken the time to translate some critical passages from the bill into a language easier to understand.  The passages he evaluates clearly describe a rationing of care, an unprecedented amount of government control over private insurance companies, and massive financial incentives to forego private insurance for the public option.  It seems that the protestors are not so misinformed after all.

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