Write for The Undercurrent

Already have an idea for an article? Send an email to editors@the-undercurrent.com with a topic sentence and we’ll begin the writing process.

The Undercurrent strives to provide opportunities for both aspiring and experienced writers. Our goal is to ensure that the pieces we publish go on to gain broad exposure and make an impact on the intellectual debate on colleges campuses. For new writers (and particularly student writers), our goal is to offer editorial feedback in a nurturing climate where communication skills can be honed.

We publish two distinct types of content. The easiest way to write a short piece for our blog. Experienced writers are then offered the opportunity to produce print issue articles that reach an audience of tens of thousands of readers in the US, Canada, and the UK. To find out more about the kind of pieces we’re interested in publishing and the procedure we use for editing them, please review our Writing Guidelines and Editorial Procedure page.

If you would like to participate in writing short pieces for our blog, it is best to begin by submitting an outline, including subject and theme (in line with the guidelines above), to editors@the-undercurrent.com. One of our editors will get back to you with feedback. If you have already written an article which you wish to post on the blog, we are happy to receive those as well, though it is our policy to refrain from publishing articles that have already been published elsewhere.

As a reminder, print issue articles are mostly for experienced writers at TU, and we encourage writers to start with the blog. Most print issues have a guiding theme, and once announced, writers begin on an article which fits that theme. Outlines, including theme and subject, are sent to the editors who then clear an article for writing. Once in print, the article is distributed to colleges in the countries mentioned previously.

If you’re interested in writing for us, we encourage you to follow these guidelines and hope to hear from you soon.

August 21, 2013: Learn more about our Fall 2013 editorial internship for student writers here.