An Undercurrent Distribution Story

Every year, there’s a Tax Day Tea Party held in downtown Raleigh dedicated to promoting limited government and free markets. On April 15th, I handed out hundreds of copies of The Undercurrentand talked to people in the crowd about Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged. Many of the attendees were polite, receptive to new ideas, and were interested in learning more about Objectivism.

Distributing copies of The Undercurrent and other literature. Send us a picture of your distribution efforts!

was quick and easy to sign up for a table online and print a few copies of some tea party fliers before heading to the event. I noticed a few individuals reading The Undercurrentin the crowd after picking up a copy, then they came back to my table and signed up to receive more information about us! When the event was over, I stood at one of the exits and handed out the paper as the crowd walked by. A few people asked more questions about the paper, but many of them happily took a copy.

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