Defend Free Speech Against Muslim Attack

In response to the Mohammad cartoon controversy, TU has created a stand-alone flyer in defense of free speech. The flyer displays one of the infamous Danish cartoons, a statement from our editors, and Onkar Ghate’s op-ed, “The Twilight of Freedom of Speech.” The PDF of the flyer is available to the right of the page.

We want to paper American campuses with this flyer. You may have the PDF, print it, and distribute it for free. All we ask is that you send an email to, telling us where you are distributing and in what quantity. Also, please print and distribute the flyer as one, double-sided page.

We recommend at least 500 copies for one campus. You should leave the flyer everywhere, in small stacks, so that if one stack gets tossed there are many to take its place. Don’t forget to replenish your stacks in a few days. Let us know if you need our support after you distribute–we are available to write op-eds and letters. Either way, we want to hear how your campus responds.

Do be respectful of your campus’ distribution policies.

This is an important issue. It deserves a movement that will shake America. Please distribute.

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