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Punished for Getting the Gold

Obama’s antitrust-enforcers act to destroy companies of ability in the economy. The Michael Phelpses of business want to swim as fast as their minds and bodies can go, but they can’t because the judge keeps moving the finish line away, on grounds that they’ll win too many golds

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Whole Foods, Partial Rights

In 2007, Whole Foods, the popular purveyor of natural foods, sought to expand its business by acquiring rival grocer Wild Oats. However, the Federal Trade Commission claimed that the merger would violate antitrust laws by creating a natural foods monopoly. Although federal judges approved the deal, the FTC won an appeal a year later, after […]

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Kohl Mobile: LOL

Did you know that the price of text messaging has increased by an astonishing 100 percent over the last three years? The four major telecommunication companies, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, have all doubled their prices for text messages not included in a calling plan. For a population that sends 2.5 billion messages a […]