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Legislative Paternalism: How Toxic Laws Endanger Police and Civilians Alike

Not only does [paternalism] force officers to risk potentially life-threatening physical altercations . . . , it also forces those who signed up “to serve and protect” to act in direct contradiction to that purpose.

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Hate Crimes Legislation Unmasks Blind Justice

Of course we should all be opposed to racial prejudice, especially to crimes committed on the basis of such prejudice. But are such crimes worse than wrongdoings committed from some other malicious motive?

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High Crimes and Michael Phelps

Last week, a Wall Street Journal op-ed screamed “Arrest Michael Phelps!” and a sheriff in South Carolina threatened to prosecute the famed Olympic swimmer. Commentators across news and radio stations added their voices to the hysteria. The reason behind the calls for Mr. Phelps’s head? A photo that surfaced in a UK tabloid showing Mr. […]