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Legislative Paternalism: How Toxic Laws Endanger Police and Civilians Alike

Not only does [paternalism] force officers to risk potentially life-threatening physical altercations . . . , it also forces those who signed up “to serve and protect” to act in direct contradiction to that purpose.

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Freedom Means The Right to Make the Wrong Choice: The Case against Drug War Paternalism

So long as a person does not hurt anyone through the use of force, his decision to use a given substance should be respected legally, even if it may lead to his ruination.

40 Years of Protecting Us from Ourselves

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40 Years of Protecting Us from Ourselves

This week marks the 40th Anniversary of the “War on Drugs,” first declared by President Richard Nixon, who subsequently created the Drug Enforcement Agency. A piece on The Atlantic Wire reminds us about the drug war’s track record of failure, and ponders why it continues: Though the size and cost of the DEA is but […]