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“Green” Policies Poison Innovation


“Green” Policies Poison Innovation

How government “encouragement” undermines technological development In recent years, “green energy” has become a major hot-button issue. Advocates argue that the inevitability of global climate change caused by carbon emissions, an end to our “addiction” to fossil fuels and the need for renewable forms of energy all necessitate increased research and development in alternative energy […]

Less Isn’t More

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Less Isn’t More

The flawed logic of conservationism One can hardly escape the appeals to one of today’s most popular causes: conservationism. The message seems to be everywhere: conserve electricity, conserve water, conserve gas, conserve plastic, conserve paper. The state of California has even begun regulating large screen televisions in the name of conservation. To many, it seems […]

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Campus Media Response: Punishing Coal: Truly Criminal

Crime and Punishment: Jumping off the coal train, April 7, 2009 The Stanford Daily Stanford University Madame— Your article, “Crime and Punishment: Jumping off the coal train,” argues that despite the benefits of coal America should switch to “sustainable” energy production. Yet, aside from a ludicrous metaphor comparing coal fuel to eating cake you make […]

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Death and Carbon Taxes

In the early 1960s, President Kennedy challenged America to make what would be a giant leap for mankind by putting a man on the moon within the decade. Offering his own version of this challenge in a recent speech, former Vice President Al Gore called on America to transition all electricity production to “renewable” energy […]