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On The Road to Ever-More Government Control

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On The Road to Ever-More Government Control

A California county recently banned fast-food restaurants from including toys in their kids’ meals. The goal of this new ban is to reduce rampant obesity in today’s youth by breaking “the link between unhealthy food and prizes.” On the face of it, the effects of this ban seem trivial: so what if there are no […]

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The Helpless French Mind

A recent news article describes a new law in France which, if passed, will make it illegal to promote “extreme thinness.” This ban outlaws images of excessively skinny models in the media and on websites that incite people to severely restrict the amount they eat. The purpose of this law is to protect individuals, particularly […]

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Defending the Selfish Choice: Abortion Rights and the Morality of Egoism

The Left is losing the abortion battle on all fronts. In politics, once militantly pro-abortion Democrats like Hillary Clinton are toning down their positions for the sake of popular appeal. In the courts, after more than thirty years of relative stability, Roe v. Wade faces serious legal challenges. In the culture at large, more and […]