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Campus Media Response: Stop “Engaging” North Korea


Campus Media Response: Stop “Engaging” North Korea

In the last several months we have seen North Korea sink a South Korean naval vessel and shell the island of Yeonpyeong, killing several civilians. By all rights, such actions should be considered acts of war against the South, and by extension against the South’s allies. Yet the South and the United States have not […]

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The Latest Diplomatic Tactic: Make-Believe

North Korea has a long history of being a malevolent nation. The communist dictatorship was first placed on the State Department’s list of terrorist-supporting nations in 1987, after it bombed a South Korean jetliner– an attack that followed years of North Korean abductions of Japanese citizens. But now, North Korea has been granted its most […]

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A Stroke of Good Luck

Free countries, when faced with the incapacitation or even death of a leader, do not fold like a house of cards. But news of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il’s apparent incapacitation from stroke is threatening to drive North Korean affairs into chaotic uncertainty. US and Chinese officials are particularly nervous about the impact the destitute […]