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“It’s None of Your Business!”—Say It about More than Just Government Surveillance

Very little of the fury directed against the NSA has been saved for the IRS. Perhaps the double standard is purely partisan, but the deeper cause is philosophical: no one seems to think privacy is sacred when it concerns money.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

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What Goes Around, Comes Around

In courting government power, Google faces its wrath Net neutrality advocates argue that the government should force large network service providers like AT&T and Comcast to charge all of their customers the same rate, regardless of the bandwidth they consume. While no one would defend forcing restaurants to offer only a fixed price, all-you-can eat […]

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Campus Media Response: Abortion, Wallpaper and the Right to Property

Campus Pro-Life returns The Gauntlet The University of Calgary Madam— The issue at stake is not the right to free speech, but rather, the right to property. Just as one can set the terms by which a guest can use one’s living room, the University of Calgary, as an independent institution, can set the terms […]

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Scrap Scrabulous

Scrabulous, a virtual knockoff of the board game Scrabble, has become one of the most popular Facebook games. According to the New York Times, the makers of Scrabble have denounced Scrabulous as piracy and are threatening legal action against its creators. Scrabulous fans are crying foul: The threat of legal action has not gained the […]