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Protect the Right to Innovate: Free Uber and the Taxi Industry from Regulations

The only just and fair way to resolve this dilemma is to eliminate regulations on the traditional taxi industry and those on new ridesharing app companies.

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John Allison’s Unconventional Wisdom about the Financial Crisis

So much for the assertion that the financial crisis was caused by the lack of regulations and government oversight. The free market isn’t to blame, since there is no free market to blame. The “fingerprints” of the real culprit—the government—are all over the place.

Government: Still Flunking the Unemployment Test

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Government: Still Flunking the Unemployment Test

Imagine that you are beginning your first year of college. Things start off well, but then one day you come to class and are dismayed to find your professor asking you to turn in an assignment that wasn’t on the syllabus. After this, the professor adds new assignments and readings with no warning even after […]