A Girl Distributes The Undercurrent at a Charlotte Tea Party!

Watch this short video of a girl distributing the Summer 2009 Edition of The Undercurrent at a Charlotte Tea Party!

Events like Tea Parties represent an excellent opportunity to spread rational ideas and positively influence the culture. Distributing The Undercurrent can be a fun group activity for you and your friends or a local club. You can even make flyers to insert into each copy of TU or stamp your contact information on each paper to generate interest in your club.

Don’t forget–the newest issue of The Undercurrent is available for order only until September 20, 2009! The Fall Edition will feature articles on a wide range of fascinating topics, like Obama’s health care policy, ethical training in today’s MBA programs, downloading music illegally, and the historic expansion of government in America. Following the success of our special Summer Edition, we have high expectations for the first issue of the school year – but those expectations can only be realized with your help! Order your copies today by visiting https://theundercurrent.org/order, or by e-mailing your name, address, and the number of copies you wish to purchase to contact@the-undercurrent.com.

Thanks to Andy at http://charlottecapitalist.blogspot.com for providing the video.

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