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On August 19 The Wall Street Journal reported that serious organized crime had spread to one of the most affluent, secure business communities in Mexico. Drug gangs blocked streets, murdered individuals, and kidnapped the mayor of Monterrey—who was later found dead. A similar event occurred in

The national community-based group, ACORN, recently underwent some investigative journalism Sacha Baron Cohen-style. What the amateur journalist/actors/videographers found were several employees well-versed in and comfortable with fraud. The employees openly advised the actors, who pretended to want to start a brothel in order to raise

From the beginning, most commentators agreed that this recession was caused by a failure of the free market. But an important fact that seems to have been forgotten is that America is not a free market. The government is active in every industry-from health care to

Recently in Afghanistan a young man–Parwez Kambakhsh–was arrested, imprisoned, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death. After the death penalty was announced, demonstrations were held in the streets applauding the verdict and prominent clerics declared that he deserved execution. Kambakhsh was condemned for blasphemy—the crime of