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No “Footprint,” No Life

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No “Footprint,” No Life

As environmentalism continues to grow in prominence, more and more of us are trying to live a “greener” lifestyle. But the more “eco-friendly” you try to become, likely the more you find yourself confused and frustrated by the green message. Have you tried giving up your bright and cheery incandescent light bulbs to save energy–only […]

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The Conservatives’ War on Birth Control

Religious conservatives are increasingly opposing birth control. The Bush administration has shifted funding from sex education endorsing condoms to programs preaching “abstinence only.” And Bush F.D.A. appointees spent three years blocking nonprescription use of the “morning after” pill, despite overwhelming evidence of its safety. Shockingly, there has been an increasing number of Christian pharmacists refusing […]


Reject Environmentalism, Not DDT

The World Health Organization has announced that it will encourage the use of DDT to fight malaria, a mosquito-borne disease that kills a million people a year. This announcement is a positive development, but it is tragic that malaria was allowed to persist unchecked for so long. Though nearly eradicated decades ago, malaria has resurged […]

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The Bait and Switch of “Intelligent Design”

Legal and political battle lines have been drawn across the country over the teaching of “intelligent design”–the view that life is so complex it must be the product of a “higher intelligence.” The central issue under debate is whether “intelligent design” is, in fact, a genuine scientific theory or merely a disguised form of religious […]