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The Push for Equality Punishes Academic Excellence (and Every Other Kind)

A concern about inequality—in education or in wealth—treats intelligence and prosperity as social ills equal to illiteracy and destitution.

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Insulting Islam is Not “Asking For It”

Since the eleventh anniversary of September 11th, violence has erupted all over the Arab world, supposedly in response to a video on YouTube lampooning the prophet Muhammad. Muslims angered by the video rioted in front of United States embassies in many countries, and an American ambassador was murdered in an attack on the U.S. embassy […]

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Critics of Romney’s Private Equity Work are Morally Biased

The White House also pushed GM into closing down many dealerships as a way of cutting costs. Yet critics of Romney do not attack Obama for “downsizing.” There is a double standard deeper than politics at play here.

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Romney, the Race Card, and the Danger of Vague Ideas

Racism is wrong because it assumes that a person’s race (something he can’t choose) determines his character (which is determined by ideas he does choose). Since culture consists of ideas that many people choose to hold, it is legitimate and necessary to judge how those choices affect the lives of the people in a culture.

Christmas as Capitalism: Celebrate Trade

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Christmas as Capitalism: Celebrate Trade

Christmas has become a holiday known for its commercialism—and many recoil at this, claiming that commercialism is antithetical to the spirit of the holiday. From one side of our culture, advocates of religion tell us that holiday materialism distracts us from the true “reason for the season.” From the other side, Occupy Wall Street protesters […]