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STRIVECon Recap: “The Spirit of Atlas Shrugged is Alive in Silicon Valley” by Jason Crawford

From November 6th-8th, enterprising students from across the country (and even beyond) gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, for STRIVE’s annual student conference. At this year’s event, on “The Morality of Value Creation and Trade,” students attended lectures and breakout sessions by entrepreneurs, professionals, and intellectuals on the philosophical and business principles necessary to create and trade […]

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The Value Creation Gap: Why CEO Pay is So High

CEOs may not work 380 times harder than employees, but they do create a substantially greater amount of value. And it is the CEO who enables the employees to have a job in which their skills can create value in the first place.

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Set the Bar Low for Immigration but High for Citizenship

One can vote in favor of an open immigration policy without supporting citizenship for all immigrants. To preserve American values, citizenship standards need to be high.