Campus Media Response: False Alternatives are not Sexy

Dawn Eden Speaks at Aquinas House, February 27, 2009
The Dartmouth Review
Dartmouth University

In your article “Dawn Eden Speaks at Aquinas House” the distinction is made between chastity on the one hand and having sex in pursuit of hedonistic pleasure on the other. There is no excuse for juxtaposing mindless pleasure against utter self-denial when such a comparison is obviously a false alternative. One may enjoy a responsible sexual relationship—not for the sake of hedonistic pleasure—but for emotional fulfillment and as an expression of love. When two people participate in meaningful sex there is no victim, no “objectification,” no harm. On the contrary, as a demonstration of love, sex is the noblest affirmation of human happiness and virtue. It is not chastity or Mother Teresa to which we should aspire. Rather, we should aspire to Cupid and Psyche. We should seek the beautiful and the meaningful. We should make of our relationships romance. We should make of our romance love. And the love we feel for one singular individual should be expressed with one singularly pleasurable act—sex.
Zev Barnett

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