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Pride is a Celebration of One’s Achievements, Not Association with a Group

If gay people want to achieve full liberation from prejudice and to truly defend the rights of homosexuals, they must abandon the notion of collective pride.

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The Conservative War on Sex

The primary purpose of sex is not procreation—sex is an end in itself. . . . We are not mere animals, and it’s absurd to treat our sex lives as if we were.

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The Alternative to Non-Discrimination Law

In my previous post I argued that non-discrimination laws were immoral. But you might still wonder what we can do about the many irrational employers who might discriminate in the workplace. Without such laws won’t many employers consider race and sex unfairly? Won’t there be businesses that choose not to hire certain individuals based on […]

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To Hire, and To Befriend. Should Government Have a Say?

Fairness. Individual rights. Equality under the law. These are all things we, as Americans, and more deeply, as human beings, cherish. We have accepted these ideas as moral, virtuous, and something towards which we ought to strive. It was allegedly in the name of these values that President Obama, with a swift stroke of his […]

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Campus Media Response: False Alternatives are not Sexy

Dawn Eden Speaks at Aquinas House, February 27, 2009 The Dartmouth Review Dartmouth University Sir— In your article “Dawn Eden Speaks at Aquinas House” the distinction is made between chastity on the one hand and having sex in pursuit of hedonistic pleasure on the other. There is no excuse for juxtaposing mindless pleasure against utter […]

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Could I Get a Hand?

I looked up at the bicycle box, a little perturbed. It sat high above my head on a shelf that I could reach only with my arm completely outstretched. I yanked on the corner; I could tell it weighed about 50 pounds. Had it been a little lower, I could have dragged it out for […]

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Girls Gone Mild

An article in the New York Times titled “Students of Virginity” reports on the surprising number of “abstinence clubs” popping up on university campuses all over the country. These clubs try to discourage students from engaging in pre-marital sex. According to the article, a growing number of students that have been exposed to similar clubs […]

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The Case for Girly Beauty

I must confess, I love to go shopping. Although my meager grad student stipend doesn’t generally afford outlandish spending sprees, I delight in simple, gratis pleasures such as testing lotion samples at Bath & Body Works and visiting boutiques to try on colorful, lush silk dresses that I could never afford. Like Audrey Hepburn in […]


Sex, the Suburbs, and What Housewives Are Desperate For

Breaking every viewer record and emerging as the #1 primetime TV sensation, ABC’s Desperate Housewives has been called the Sex and the City of the suburbs. Writer Marc Cherry told The Age that “Desperate Housewives is a kind of skewed homage to suburban life,” and that he “found inspiration in everything from the later episodes […]