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Is the Welfare State Just?: Howard Schweber says Yes, It is Fundamental to a Democratic Society

TU sat down with Howard Schweber to learn more about his views on the justice of the welfare state.

Campus Media Response: Obama Repeats Bush’s Self-Sacrificial Sins in Afghanistan

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Campus Media Response: Obama Repeats Bush’s Self-Sacrificial Sins in Afghanistan

Is Obama making the same mistakes in war as Bush? The Daily Collegian University of Massachusetts–Amherst Dear Editors, Matthew Robare says that President Obama has not delivered “hope” or “change” in foreign policy, as he promised. Robare is correct: Obama has not distinguished himself from Bush on the war. Obama repeats Bush’s mistake, not because […]

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Campus Media Response: Hugo Chávez – Democracy At Work

Voting Democracy Away, February 13, 2009 The Harvard Crimson Harvard University Sir— Your vague hint at Venezuela’s “lack of durable democratic institutions” is striking considering the context. It is, after all, democracy that gave rise to the autocratic regime run by Hugo Chávez. The majority of Venezuelans were seduced by the promise of wealth supposedly […]

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Condemned By Democracy

Recently in Afghanistan a young man–Parwez Kambakhsh–was arrested, imprisoned, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death. After the death penalty was announced, demonstrations were held in the streets applauding the verdict and prominent clerics declared that he deserved execution. Kambakhsh was condemned for blasphemy—the crime of holding an idea—against Islam in the Islamic Republic of […]


Bombs, Not Ballots

In a January 10th speech, President Bush outlined his new plan to rescue Iraq from the bloody sectarian warfare that has gripped Baghdad since 2005. Bush’s plan calls for an additional 20,000 U.S. soldiers to be sent to Iraq to help quell the violence. His supporters are guardedly optimistic that the strategy can succeed. His […]

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Not All Constitutions Are Created Equal

The American Constitution established individual rights as the founding legal and moral basis of this country. The result was a nation whose inhabitants have lived and prospered magnificently, because they were left free to do so. Today President Bush has heralded the establishment of the Iraqi constitution on the grounds that it is a step […]

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The Backward Strategy of Democracy

This January, the Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas, won the Palestinian elections by a landslide. It now effectively controls Parliament. President Bush responded to the election by complimenting the democratic process. “You see,” he said, in a line quoted by Time Online, “When you give people the vote, give them the chance to express themselves at […]