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Campus Media Response: In Celebration of Inequality

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Campus Media Response: In Celebration of Inequality

In another hard-hitting piece in MIT’s The Tech, Keith Yost responds to the charge, much discussed of late in connection with the Wisconsin union protests, that our society faces a crisis of “inequality”: Let’s begin with the obvious: the inequality of well-being has drastically fallen since 1967. Bill Gates may have a million times the […]

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Campus Media Response: Thank Goodness Life is Fair

Drawing the line on study drug morality The Yale Herald Yale University Madam— In your article, “Drawing the line on study drug morality,” the idea that “life isn’t fair” is often mentioned with regard to differences of intelligence, money, attention capacity, etc. If the simple fact of disparity is unfair, what then would constitute a […]

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In Defense of Income Inequality

The issue of income inequality reveals one of the ugliest aspects of today’s culture. The ugliness stems not from the existence of income inequality–but from the motives of those who denounce it. Income inequality used to be a rabble-rousing issue of the left. Now it is being raised by mainstream figures, from the head of […]

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