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“Check Your Privilege” Insults Your Intellectual Autonomy

We should reject racism and sexism because their most basic premises deny human intellectual autonomy. Both see individual human beings as slaves of their genetics and environment. The privilege checkers who say we cannot help but see the world through the filter of our privilege share this premise. It is the most crucial premise to check—and reject.

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Minimum Wage Jobs are Opportunities to be Thankful For

Current minimum wage jobs are the result of technology and innovation. Workers should be grateful that these companies have created these jobs and use them as opportunities to earn more than a minimum wage.

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The More You Offer the More You Deserve: Against the False Justice of ‘Equality’ in the Tech Industry

To run a successful business, an employer has to hire the best and most competent individuals. People deserve a job only if they have skills and knowledge which will be of value to an employer.

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Unpaid Internships Pay Much More than Minimum Wage

We all ought to be thanking companies for providing such learning experiences to young citizens rather than forcing them to give even more.

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Who Suffers the Most from a Morality Concerned with Suffering?

Government policies aimed at alleviating unqualified “suffering” . . . reward those who deserve to suffer. . . [and] create undeserved suffering for those who are trying to succeed.

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Punished for Getting the Gold

Obama’s antitrust-enforcers act to destroy companies of ability in the economy. The Michael Phelpses of business want to swim as fast as their minds and bodies can go, but they can’t because the judge keeps moving the finish line away, on grounds that they’ll win too many golds

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We Shouldn’t “Give Back” What We Earned

The reason any individual deserves success is because of the simple fact that that individual uses his mind to produce or achieve something valuable, whether it’s a skyscraper, an iPhone or a fast food order. That individual earned that success because he transformed an idea in his mind into a reality.

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Campus Media Response: Are We Learning the Right Lesson about Inequality?

[It is a] contradiction [to say] that while it’s wrong for the government to redistribute wealth from poor to rich, it’s quite okay to do so in the opposite direction, through excessive taxation to fund the welfare state.


Campus Media Response: Nobody Deserves Egalitarianism

  Recently, Brian Shaud argued in Georgetown University’s The Hoya that a growing wealth gap in the United States is the cause of various social ills. At the root of his argument is his conception of the American dream, “that each citizen has a chance at material and personal success, independent of the condition of […]

Campus Media Response: In Celebration of Inequality

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Campus Media Response: In Celebration of Inequality

In another hard-hitting piece in MIT’s The Tech, Keith Yost responds to the charge, much discussed of late in connection with the Wisconsin union protests, that our society faces a crisis of “inequality”: Let’s begin with the obvious: the inequality of well-being has drastically fallen since 1967. Bill Gates may have a million times the […]

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