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“That’s Why I Draw You”: An Interview with Bosch Fawstin

  Bosch Fawstin is an accomplished artist, cartoonist, and free speech activist. His entry, printed above, took home First Prize in the “Draw Muhammad” event in Garland, Texas. The Undercurrent’s Jon Glatfelter had the privilege of interviewing Bosch. The Undercurrent: What was your experience during the Jihadist attack in Garland? Fawstin: I was in the […]

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Deadline extended! Preview the Fall 2014 issue of TU Print!

The newest edition of The Undercurrent is now available to order, and will arrive on your doorstep at the end of October!

Last Chance to Register for The Undercurrent’s Student Conference!

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Gay Marriage Must Win Through Appeals to Freedom, Not Equality

Gays should have the right to marry not because of the value of nondiscrimination or equality, but because they have the right to be free to live and associate with others on their own terms.

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Igniting the Objectivist Student Movement (Part 2)

Where will tomorrow’s Objectivist leaders come from? The Undercurrent is spearheading efforts to unite Objectivist students and foment campus activism.

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Announcing TU’s Spring 2014 Campaign Event! A Debate entitled, “Is the Welfare State Just?”

Best-selling author and Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, Don Watkins, will debate UW-Madison political scientist, Howard Schweber, on the morality of the welfare state.

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Brave Innovators Deserve Freedom: The Moral Need for Immigration Reform

A moral economic system where people are free to immigrate, innovate and improve their own lives is also the kind of system where both immigrants and citizens benefit the most.

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Reclaiming the “Self” in Self-Esteem

Any attempt to uphold “selflessness” as a moral standard guarantees the erosion of your self-esteem. . . . To attempt to live by a “selfless” moral code is to become, in effect, your own worst enemy.

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To “Lean In,” Women Must Abandon the False Moral Ideal of Selflessness

Psychologically, some women hold themselves back by believing that they must play the role of “nurturer,” a moral ideal which is reinforced by . . . the baseless philosophical ideal of selflessness.

Announcing the TU Leadership Seminar for Objectivist Campus Club Leaders

Announcing the TU Leadership Seminar for Objectivist Campus Club Leaders

This weekend at Stanford University, twenty of the nation’s top Objectivist student club leaders will unite for an intense day of leadership training to develop their skills as communicators of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.

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