What if you could combine your creativity and passion for Objectivism to start a new entrepreneurial venture that engages fellow Objectivists and shares Rand’s ideas with those unacquainted? What would you produce to express the ideas that interest you?

Finding new ways to engage with your ideas is both challenging and fulfilling. That’s exactly how STRIVE and The Undercurrent were created. A group of friends, motivated by Objectivism, came together and dreamed up new ways to engage with Ayn Rand’s ideas. It took hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of caffeine, but the payoff was worth it. STRIVE and The Undercurrent became new mediums for ideas to flow and life-long relationships to form. We want to see more of this, and we want to give you the resources to build it.

STRIVE is excited to announce the very first STRIVE Venture Fund for the academic year 2016-2017!

The STRIVE Venture Fund (SVF) is a small grants fund designed to attract and support student activist ideas related to Objectivism and STRIVE’s mission. Students are encouraged to design projects, apply to the SVF, and receive funding of up to $300 to make it happen.

The ideal project will be a student-led initiative that involves other students in the learning and application of Ayn Rand’s ideas to their own lives, in a way that aligns with STRIVE’s mission: “To provide students with tools that help them develop into young people with a clear, first-handed purpose in their own lives and a moral certainty about their right to pursue it.” It will have a clear goal, timeline and budget, and success metrics. Check out an example project here.

Perhaps you want to start an online podcast or talk show. Or maybe you want to produce a film or play. Whether you are musical, artistic, academic, social, or technical, you can use your skills and interests to pioneer a project that is truly yours.

Keep in mind, the SVF is flexible and open to all ideas! The point of this resource is to help new, exciting initiatives come to fruition. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious and audacious; we love big ideas! Think about what you want to see in the Objectivist community, or on your college campus, and tell us what you need to make it a reality.

To apply or learn more about the SVF, click here. But wait there’s more…

Are you attending #AynRandCon? There will be a brainstorming event at the conference where students can connect and develop ideas for how to promote Objectivism after the conference. The point of the event is to get students thinking about how they can take their engagement to the next level and apply Objectivism to their lives. And the best part: students can apply to the SVF with the ideas they come up with at this session!

Join STRIVE and ARI on Sunday, November 8, at 2:00 pm to brainstorm student projects and opportunities. We want to hear from you!

If you have any questions about the SVF, please contact STRIVE here.

We cannot wait to see what you guys come up with and we look forward to supporting your ideas.

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