Students, RSVP for the 2016 Ayn Rand Conference

This November, students will join together at the 2016 Ayn Rand Student Conference in Atlanta, Georgia to learn about Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism. This conference is brought to you by the Ayn Rand Institute in collaboration with STRIVE, and it will focus on the issue of free will.

The existence of free will lies at the heart of every important issue in your life, from free speech to foreign policy. Understanding what is and is not within the power of your free choice is crucial to your pursuit of happiness. At #AynRandCon, students will be able to learn from top intellectual scholars on this issue and also engage one another in conversations about their own perspectives on free will.

#AynRandCon will feature thought-provoking talks such as:

  • Free Will, Free Speech, Free Borders, Freedom in the Middle East
  • Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness: Insights from Ayn Rand’s Ethics
  • Building the Life and Career You Want: Panel Interview
  • Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings: Free Speech on Campus

In addition, STRIVE will be hosting a Speed Mentoring event at the conference! This is an exciting opportunity for students to sit down with STRIVE mentors and conference speakers for a series of short, focused conversations. Students can gain insight into decision points in the mentors’ lives and careers, and find out what principles guided these mentors to success. STRIVE’s Mentorship Program offers the opportunity for one-on-one pairing, so if you enjoy your conversations at the Speed Mentoring, you can apply for a match!

We are pleased to share that support from generous donors enables scholarships in the following amounts:

  • Within 250 miles: $225 scholarship
  • East/Central: $450 scholarship
  • West: $575
  • International: up to $1,000

The application deadline is Monday, October 10th so if you’re interested in attending, register now!

For more information, visit STRIVE’s website.

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