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Objectivism Q&A Recap: Objectivity and the News, with Ben Bayer and Greg Salmieri

“Some people follow the news as if it were sports. They have a team that they want to root for, they join the team, and any time a cheerleader calls out a cheer, they join in.” This attitude is fine in sports where the outcome doesn’t substantially impact your life, explained Dr. Benjamin Bayer, a […]

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Objectivism Q&A Recap: A Conversation with Harry Binswanger and Greg Salmieri

STRIVE’s Objectivism Q&A on Sunday, February 5th stretched nearly an hour overtime while students eagerly discussed several issues in politics, property rights, epistemology and more with Dr. Harry Binswanger and Dr. Gregory Salmieri. Dr. Binswanger is the author of How We Know and The Biological Basis of Teleological Concepts, and was an associate and friend […]

To Love Or Not To Love Literature

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To Love Or Not To Love Literature

This piece originally appeared in our Fall 2016 Magazine. In it, Celeste Hook, a freshman at Okanagan College in British Columbia compares the teaching methods of her Grade 7 Lit Class with that of her class in Grade 12, and how one helped her see fiction as inspirational and instructive, while the other left her […]

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#CapitalistAndProud Submission: Celeste Hook

In the spring, we announced our #CapitalistAndProud Campus Writing Initiative. We’re delighted to announce the continuation of that initiative for a second semester. Pieces published in student publications by 11/30/16 will be eligible to win $1000 in the Ayn Rand Institute’s “Campus Writing Contest.” Well-written submissions will be published on the TU blog, and at least one […]