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The Cause of the Adjunct Crisis: How a Research Focus is Destroying Higher Education

The “adjunct crisis” has not grown out of the so-called corporatization of the university. Instead, the crisis is largely a product of the very assumption which both the author of the article and universities across the nation have swallowed: that research is valuable as an end in itself.

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Unlearning Individualism: The Lessons of Compulsory Education

Requiring people to attend school, over and against their (and their family’s) wishes teaches students that they should not trust their own judgment, that they should instead respect the values that government authority figures dictate to them.

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Brave Innovators Deserve Freedom: The Moral Need for Immigration Reform

A moral economic system where people are free to immigrate, innovate and improve their own lives is also the kind of system where both immigrants and citizens benefit the most.

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No University Left Behind

Under a system where government demands that it get what it pays for, the humanities will either become the propaganda mouthpieces for each and every administration’s political dogma or will otherwise be cut as universities seek to improve their figures.

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How Free Education Produces Undisciplined Minds

There have always been lazy students and unreflective parents, but there have not always been government standards and government money for education that provide perverse incentives that encourage consumers not to think.