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We Have Nothing to Fear but the Fear of Fracking

Opposition to fracking is only the latest example of a more fundamental opposition to technological progress. In fact, these objections follow a recognizable pattern that one can observe in a vast array of fields and technologies.

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Regulated to Death: Cap-and-Trade Suffocates a Life Well-lived

Never in human history has our existence been so clean, secure, and rich with possibility. The lifeblood of it all has been carbon-based energy. And it is precisely this energy that will be restricted by the stranglehold of cap-and-trade.

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The Right to Light: Don’t Let Washington Ban the Incandescent Bulb

The motive behind the [light bulb] ban exhibits the same collectivist paternalism seen in Anthem. As a consequence, the ban will curtail our freedom to decide what is best for our lives.

Campus Media Response: Without Oil, Kiss your iPhone Good-bye

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Campus Media Response: Without Oil, Kiss your iPhone Good-bye

Writing in the Texas Tech Daily Toreador Chris Leal asks us to ponder a puzzle: It seems as if we truly live our lives out of a work of science fiction. Yet, despite the vast wealth of knowledge we have gained in the last century, we still continue to fuel our lifestyles and our automobiles […]

Campus Media Response: Don’t Return to 1970s Economic Anemia

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Campus Media Response: Don’t Return to 1970s Economic Anemia

Lamenting BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Mark Costigan of the University of Oregon’s Daily Herald calls for an end to all offshore drilling. Faced with the objection that this would mean importing more of our oil, Costigan bites the bullet and says we should stop foreign oil imports as well: If oil […]

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Campus Media Response: Punishing Coal: Truly Criminal

Crime and Punishment: Jumping off the coal train, April 7, 2009 The Stanford Daily Stanford University Madame— Your article, “Crime and Punishment: Jumping off the coal train,” argues that despite the benefits of coal America should switch to “sustainable” energy production. Yet, aside from a ludicrous metaphor comparing coal fuel to eating cake you make […]

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Death and Carbon Taxes

In the early 1960s, President Kennedy challenged America to make what would be a giant leap for mankind by putting a man on the moon within the decade. Offering his own version of this challenge in a recent speech, former Vice President Al Gore called on America to transition all electricity production to “renewable” energy […]