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How Industry Makes our Environment Safe from Natural Disasters

Especially when many are now calling for restrictions on the industrial development that they think is responsible for “climate change” and more dangerous hurricanes, it is crucial to recognize the life-saving value of industry.

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Regulated to Death: Cap-and-Trade Suffocates a Life Well-lived

Never in human history has our existence been so clean, secure, and rich with possibility. The lifeblood of it all has been carbon-based energy. And it is precisely this energy that will be restricted by the stranglehold of cap-and-trade.

It Isn’t Easy Being Green

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It Isn’t Easy Being Green

As people assemble on the National Mall to celebrate Earth Day today, the idea that man-made global warming is threatening our future seems a foregone conclusion.  But even the left-leaning New York Times recently featured an opposing view from famous physicist Freeman Dyson.  Keith Lockitch, a fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, has been campaigning against environmentalism […]

No “Footprint,” No Life

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No “Footprint,” No Life

As environmentalism continues to grow in prominence, more and more of us are trying to live a “greener” lifestyle. But the more “eco-friendly” you try to become, likely the more you find yourself confused and frustrated by the green message. Have you tried giving up your bright and cheery incandescent light bulbs to save energy–only […]

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Death and Carbon Taxes

In the early 1960s, President Kennedy challenged America to make what would be a giant leap for mankind by putting a man on the moon within the decade. Offering his own version of this challenge in a recent speech, former Vice President Al Gore called on America to transition all electricity production to “renewable” energy […]


The Blasphemy of Bob Lutz

The vice-chairman of General Motors, Bob Lutz, recently told a group of journalists that global warming is “a crock of shit.” Needless to say, the blogosphere is up in arms. Why so much outrage? Lutz followed his statement by discussing plans for hybrid cars, a regret that GM allowed Toyota to corner the market with […]