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“Where Agriculture Meets Technology!” and Industry Meets Suspicion

Examples like the controversy over the data centers show that the deeper motive of the green movement is not the continuation of human progress and innovation, but the belief that large successes, big businesses, and massive industry warrant universal suspicion. Progress is their problem, not damage to the human environment.

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We Have Nothing to Fear but the Fear of Fracking

Opposition to fracking is only the latest example of a more fundamental opposition to technological progress. In fact, these objections follow a recognizable pattern that one can observe in a vast array of fields and technologies.

Solyndra: Failed Ideal or Green Cronyism?

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Solyndra: Failed Ideal or Green Cronyism?

After touting “green energy” as the solution to everything from climate change to economic recession, the Obama administration is facing the somewhat embarrassing failure of one of its pet projects: the solar energy start up Solyndra Inc. While the failure of a solar energy company is hardly surprising given the impotence of the technology, this […]