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Protect the Right to Innovate: Free Uber and the Taxi Industry from Regulations

The only just and fair way to resolve this dilemma is to eliminate regulations on the traditional taxi industry and those on new ridesharing app companies.

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How Public Science Hinders Innovation

Whether through directly commercial research or philanthropy funded by commerce, science is advanced best when individuals must use their minds to choose where to put their money, in hopes of funding the next big idea.

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We Have Nothing to Fear but the Fear of Fracking

Opposition to fracking is only the latest example of a more fundamental opposition to technological progress. In fact, these objections follow a recognizable pattern that one can observe in a vast array of fields and technologies.

The Cost of Being Too Good

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The Cost of Being Too Good

At a time when many companies are struggling to stay profitable, the world’s largest computer processor manufacturer recorded a net profit of $1 billion in its second quarter. Despite this impressive feat, however, the corporation reported a quarterly loss of $398 million, the first loss it has experienced in 21 years. What accounts for the […]