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American Apathy Towards “the New Normal”

Seven years ago, after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and President Bush’s subsequent declaration of war on “terror”, many argued that the world had changed forever. A “new normal” had arrived, in which Americans could no longer live in blithe ignorance to the rest of the world. A violent faction sought their […]

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Evaluating the War Effort

  Part 1: Enemy Imagine that tomorrow the government confirmed with certainty the deaths of Bin Laden, his generals, and every single Al Qaeda foot soldier. Would that mean that the war on terror was over? Would that be enough to declare the US safe from the threat of another 9/11? Most of us realize […]

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The Absurdity of Hope

In November 2007, Barack Obama said that as President of the United States, he would personally negotiate with Iran, offering economic incentives and a chance for peaceful relations if Iranian leaders would forego pursuit of nuclear weapons and support of terrorists. In an interview with the New York Times, he said that Iran could possibly […]

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The Backward Strategy of Democracy

This January, the Islamic terrorist organization, Hamas, won the Palestinian elections by a landslide. It now effectively controls Parliament. President Bush responded to the election by complimenting the democratic process. “You see,” he said, in a line quoted by Time Online, “When you give people the vote, give them the chance to express themselves at […]

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The Liberal Slant on the Liberal War

Any American who has glanced at a newspaper in the past two years knows that the liberals are unhappy about George W. Bush’s war in Iraq. Editorials continue to cite our failure to discover weapons of mass destruction, as well as the greater hostility and more advanced nuclear capabilities of Iran and North Korea, as […]